Our Enterprise solution provides the flexibility and ease-of-use needed to run and track unlimited Contests and Campaigns


Comprehensive Solution for
Larger Businesses and Agencies

Price includes Unlimited Leads/Contestants

$950 per month

$855 per month
Save 10%

$807 per month
Save 15%

$760 per month
Save 20%

Contest Sites

Unlimited self- branded contest sites that include





Contest Pages – About Us, Prize Details, Contest Rules, Privacy Policy and Website Conditions





Entry Form

All the contact details you need to contact new leads: salutation, full name, phone numbers, email address and street address (if wanted).





Survey Questions

Create Survey Questions to add to your entry form to gather the consumer intelligence needed to identify the best qualified leads





$50,000 Cash Prize (no additional cost!)

Add a huge cash prize to your contest to make it more appealing and to encourage contestants to refer their family and friends to your contests





Refer-a-Friend Functionality

Allows contestants to invite family and friends by email or through their social media sites to enter your contests





Promote Your Offers

Upload your Special Offers and generate inbound sales instantly by phone or through your website or landing pages.

And, you’ll receive an Offer Alert to let you know when a lead has selected one of your offers!





Viral Offers Functionality

Allows contestants to email your offers to their family and friends or load them onto their social media sites.





Contact Requests

After selecting one of your offers, leads will tell you how and when they want you to contact them!

And, you’ll receive a Contact Alert to let you know when a lead has selected one of your offers and how they want to be contacted.





Thank You Page

Thank your leads for entering your contest, and give them another opportunity to invite family and friends to enter your contest.





Duplicate Contests and Campaigns

You can easily and quickly duplicate contests and campaigns and make minor adjustments to save set up times.





Lead Lists





Contest Registrants

Full details of everyone who entered your contests.





Qualified Leads

List of contestants that are qualified to your needs based on their answers to your Survey Questions.






Full details of contestants referred by others – very useful if you are rewarding customers for providing referrals.





Non Qualified

List of contestants that didn’t meet your qualifications as set in your Survey Questions.





Offer Alert

List of all leads that selected an offer, but didn’t let you know how and when they wanted you to contact them.





Contact Alert

List of all leads who selected an offer and how they want you to contact them!





Email Me Your Offer

Email Me Your Offer Contains all the details you’ll need to follow up leads that want you to send them the offer they selected on your contest site if they were on a tablet or mobile and couldn’t print your offer.






List of people who ‘opted out’ of your contests.





Campaign Reports





Campaign Dashboard

A simple dashboard for you to quickly see how many new leads you’ve generated and other key metrics.





Campaign Activity

Easily set up a campaign for each marketing channel you use and track the results of all your campaigns.





Survey Questions

Easily track the answers of your Survey Questions to manage your qualifying process.





Offer Performance

Easily determine which offers are drawing the most interest.





Offer Alerts

Easily track those leads that selected an offer, but didn’t tell you how and when they want you to contact them.





Contact Alerts

Easily find the leads that selected one of your offers and how and when they want you to contact them.





Google Analytics

Just supply us with your Google Analytics ID and you’ll receive campaign data into your analytics account.





Choose Winners

Choose your contest winner with our random draw server. (Only for use in jurisdictions where permitted.)





Free On-boarding

Conducted online with one-on-one coaching to get you set up and inside 2 hours you’ll be ready to go!





Customer Support

Always free and always delightful!

Email & Live Chat

Email & Live Chat

Email & Live Chat

Email, Live Chat & Phone



Frequently Asked Questions…

  • How many Contests/Competitions can I run at anytime?
    That’s totally up to you. There is no limit on the number of contests you can run at the same time. And each competition has its own unique URL so you can easily track its success and identify the leads its generated.

    Not only that – you can clone any existing competition to save time and create new ones in minutes!

  • What’s a Campaign?
    A campaign is any form of engagement you do that drives people to your contests. You can set up a separate campaign for your social media sites, when sending emails, promoting on your website, or where ever…and each campaign has its own unique URL so you can easily track its success and identify the leads its generated.

    Not only that – you can clone and existing campaigns to save set up time when creating new ones!

  • Can I ‘qualify’ leads to my specifications?
    Absolutely! Each time you create a campaign you determine the survey questions contestants must answer to enter the contest. You have a number of options for displaying the answers to your survey questions – drop down boxes, input boxes or tick boxes. And, you choose which answers are ‘qualified’ to your needs!

  • How much do I pay for the leads generated through my contests?
    Absolutely nothing! They are your sole property and we guarantee that in writing.

  • Can I upgrade my plan later?
    You can easily upgrade your plan at any time. Simply let us know when you’d like to upgrade and we’ll make the necessary changes.

  • I have more questions. Who do I contact?
    Simply click here to send us your questions…or, if you would like to have a personal demonstration.